I have been involved with dogs since the day I was born when my parents had a white "alsation" called Snooky. Our next dog was a very boisterous boxer called Boxer.


This photo was taken when I was 5 years old with my mother, Boxer who was also 5 years old and my Sister just 18 months older than me My mother certainly had her hands full! I am the one with the longest fringe on the right of the pohoto.


At the age of seven I was allowed to have my very own dog who was a black and white whippet called Kim. I have happy childhood memories of walking her for miles in the Lincolnshire countryside and teaching her to jump over makeshift hurdles with broom handles balanced across the top of buckets as supports. This was years before dog agility became an official canine activity in the late 1970's!


Kim and 8 year old me


When I married in 1977, Kim was 13 years old and, as I worked full-time, I decided to leave Kim at home with my mother. Kim died just four months after I left home and I was heartbroken thinking that she must have died because I had left her!


After a few months of marriage I was yearning for another dog and completely out of the blue my husband, Clive, turned up one evening with a 6 month old basset hound called Fred that he had seen advertised in the local newspaper. A basset hound would not have been my choice, but Clive had been brought up with them. I was just so happy to have a dog again and Fred was joined a few years later by a second basset called Benson.



Fred and Benson with our first weimaraner Misty


In 1980, whilst visiting the beach at Anderby Creek one weekend with Fred basset, I met my first weimaraner and instantly fell in love with the breed. I had to write down the name so that I wouldn't foget how to spell "weimaraner". Later that week I ordered a book on the breed so that I could learn more about them and after doing so I was infatuated with the idea of owning one. I instinctively knew that one day I would have my weimaraner and that it was just a matter of time before I realised my dream!


The right time arrived in 1989 when I started working from home, so Clive and I set about tracking down a suitable litter of puppies. I contacted the Kennel Club who gave me the contact details of the Weimaraner Club of Great Britain Secretary who, in turn, gave me details of the only litter of puppies on their "puppy list". The litter was in South Wales, which was 5 hours drive from us, but this didn't put us off and we travelled across the UK to have a look. Of course, we put a deposit down on one of the pups and then had to wait for another 4 weeks before "she" was old enough to leave her mother.




How can you choose a puppy from these 5?


In the end it was the puppy that chose us! his is Misty aged 4 weeks and me aged 32 years!


During this waiting time, we were constantly thinking of names for her and couldn't decide on one. Then on the night before we were due to drive to Wales and collect her, we watched the weather forecast. In very large letters right across the UK map was written "MISTY". So her name was decided and Misty joined us and the two bassets just before Christmas.


Since then, our love of the breed has never wavered. Over the years we have shared our lives with eleven weimaraners and currently have four including Skye (10), Milly (8) Ziva (4), who is Milly's daughter born in November 2016. The fourth addition is our youngster called Purdey (2) who is Milly's Grandaughter. 


In 1992 we became members of the Grimsby and Cleethorpes Dog Training Society and joined an obedience course with our first two first weimaraners. We stayed on and took our KC Good CitizensTest (and passed!) and continued with our weekly lessons.


When both weimaraners were old enough, we started attending agility classes, which they found much more fun! After a few months we attended a few competitions and after a while we even won a few rosettes. By this time we were hooked! To this day, we still attend agility competitions, which are very sociable events and we have made many "agility" friends over the years from all walks of life and living in different areas of the UK.


Both Clive and I became active members on the Grimsby and Cleethorpes Dog Training Society committee and I eventually started helping with the classes and taking beginners agility classes. After a few years, we moved to another agility club in Fulstow where I continued teaching agility and I joined the Weimaraner Club of Great Britain on their working sub-committee. For many years I organised an annual Kennel Club licensed agility match for the club and then I joined the main committee of the Weimaraner Association as their agility, working trials and obedience secretary. Almost single handedly, I organised and ran 4 Kennel Club open agility shows for the Association held over two days at the Winterton Agricultural Society Showground. At the very first one in 2009, much to my horror, we had an inspection by a Kennel Club Field Officer on the second day of the show. I'm pleased to say that the show was given and "Excellent" rating!


I have since retired from the WA committee due to other committments, one of which is to devote more time to my dog training classes. Having been made redundant at the end of June 2014 from my part-time job in the offices at Lincs Turkeys has also freed up more of my time. I now really do have the perfect opportunity of concentrating more on my hobby and working with one of the things I love most - DOGS


Luckily I am able to work from home as we have over an acre of land which gives me plenty of room for training. It also enables me to be very flexible on training times for my clients and I can offer classes any day of the week at any time to suit them providing it's during daylight hours!




In 2016 we had our one and only litter of puppies, which was an amazing experience. Here is proud mum,Milly, with her 5 puppies.


Sadly when you have  multi-dogs you know that you will have the pain of losing each of them at some point. So why do we keep putting ourselves through this ordeal?


Its quite simple - Without the pain of losing a dog you cannot experience the love and pleasure they give.


Below are some photo's of the weimaraners we have lost. Each and every one of them had their own different characters and we loved them all so much.